Perkins Family Reunion

Descendants of Verl and Mazie Perkins

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sorry I missed the Party

Sooo, yes another family reunion missed. I really missed not being able to come and see my family. As I get older I find that the desire to connect to all my of family has increased significantly. Family for me gives a sense of belonging and a sense of being part of something bigger and better. I have reflected this weekend on how much you all mean to me and the comfort that families can really be together forever.

I hope life finds you well and happy.

Take care.
Diana Carter


Colleen said...

Hey Diana,
We missed you too, you are always so much fun to be with. We love you and your girls so much.
I am excited about this blog so we can keep in touch. We can hear about all the good things happening in each family. I'd love to see some photos of you and your girls. Love you, Colleen

Kriss Davis said...

Hi Diana,
I miss you! I hope that things are going good for you.
O.K. so you couldn't make this family reunion....Well, please put the next one on the top of your list so we can get together and have a good chit-chat! If you get a chance to post a picture of you and your girls onto this blog that would be wonderful! I think of you often!
My love, Kriss