Perkins Family Reunion

Descendants of Verl and Mazie Perkins

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Kris. We hope that you have a wonderful day!!!!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Uncle Glenn. We hope you have a fun and relaxing day full of family, good friends, and laughing so hard your sides hurt. :) You deserve that and more. We love you!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to write a little update about what's going on in the Earl family. To make sure I don't miss anything I'm going to go down the list by kid if I do miss something, here we go. :)

Byron and Jill- They just had the chance to take a two week vacation to go to Navuoo and had a great time. They rented a car with Mom and Dad (Vern and Evelyn) and drove the whole way there. Erika and Craig are doing good and really enjoying being new parents and Brienna and Greg are expecting their 2nd child.

Kari and David- They just had a chance to go to Yellowstone and had a really fun trip. They will be celebrating their 1 year wedding anniversary this Aug.

Nancy and Gary- they just celebrated Gary's birthday by taking a trip to St. George. Alexis is doing great she has had a chance to visit her mission again and even have some of the people come out here. We had a little scare with Addi. The doctor found a piece of broken bone in his knee from his Acl injury so he had to come back to Utah for a surgery. He was here about a month until he was all healed up and had the chance to return to Argentina to finish out his mission. He is doing well.

Shelly and Nathan-They are currently living in Salt Lake. They moved up to help Nathan's parents remodel the house and get it ready to sell, they have rented out their house in Monticello and do travel back and forth to check on things and help with the wheat planting.

Denese and Loren- They are doing good as well, Denese just graduated from Weber State with her associates in radiology she has currently took the board and we haven't heard the results yet. Loren has enjoyed helping coach the boys basketball team again this last year.

Jason and Heather- they have moved back up to the Salt Lake area as well, they are both working full time and Heather is going to school.

Preston- He is still in Vernal working at the oil riggs, he really loves it there.

James and Kristene- We are doing good, we are trying to start a family and focusing on getting out of debt. James has also taken up bike riding and already has made a 50 mile ride that he is really proud of.

And last but certainly not least.....

Vern and Evelyn- They are also doing good. Dad is working hard on getting all the yard work finished and mom wants to go play at Lake Powell. :) They have also decided to go on another Mission. :D they have already talked to the bishop and hope to have their papers in at the end of the month and are hoping to leave the first of Oct. They will be spending their 50th wedding anniversary out in the mission field.

Well I hope you've enjoyed our long but fun little update. Take care everyone.