Perkins Family Reunion

Descendants of Verl and Mazie Perkins

Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Great Reunion with a GREAT FAMILY!

Thank you so much to everyone who made this family reunion such a huge success.
Thank you Denese & Loren, Nancy & Gary for all your hard work. The food was fabulous.
Thank you Steve & Cathy for letting us camp in comfort in your trailer, it was great!
Thank you Vern & Evelyn for the family stories and the crazy skit.
Thanks to everyone for coming, we loved visiting and laughing together.
Here are some pictures from our wonderful time with you.
Some friendly faces seen at the Olympic Park.
Really cute girls!

Lots of cute kids!

Yummy Dessert time!

The never to be forgotten (or lived down) skit.
Do I really want to see the video?

Can you say "Chubby Bunny?"

And yes we did fly through the water!
Thanks you Steve & Chance for giving us the ride of our lives.
We had so much fun....can't wait til next time.

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Kristene Armstrong said...

Thanks for posting these pictures. It's fun to see the different pictures everyone took. :)